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IT Service Management Coordination


The IT Service Management Coordination, in accordance with the directives of the Prefect, develops the IT policy of the Library and deals with its proper application. It has the task of guaranteeing the consistency with regards to the choice of equipment, programs and formats.

The Coordination handles:

  • the analysis of the international standards to be applied to the electronic catalogues and the digital library;
  • the conceptual design and management of framework, interfaces and implementations;
  • the connection of the Library systems with database and telematic networks outside the Library;
  • the electronic transfer of data available in other formats;
  • the evaluation of the improvements which may be introduced under the IT point of view within the cataloguing, administrative and librarianship scope, in strict connection with Departments, Offices and Services, for which it may also carry out training activities.
It is also responsible for and takes care of the authority files, for the various catalogues; it handles the updating of the cataloguing formats as well as the choice of the archiving formats and the management of data coming from digitization projects.

As for the aspects related to library science, cataloguing and management it strictly collaborates with the chiefs of Departments, Offices and Services; as for technological and implementation aspects it relies on the IT Center.

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