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The Vatican Library, one of the worlds largest, preserves a rich collection covering many fields of human knowledge (literature, history, art, law, astronomy, mathematics, natural sciences, medicine, liturgy, patristics...). Here are some numbers to give an idea of its size: 80,000 manuscripts and around 100,000 archival units; over 8,600 incunabula; tens of thousands of sixteenth-century editions and even more seventeenth-century ones; 1,600,000 printed books; 300,000 coins and medals; 150,000 prints, drawings and engravings; and over 150,000 photographs.
The tasks of ensuring the preservation of such a collection; of putting collection at the disposal of scholars, both in the reading rooms and in the form of reproductions; and of providing adequate services to a large and specialized readership, all depend on constant attention to necessary modifications, consolidations, enlargements and acquisitions. Accomplishing all this requires considerable resources.


Your help for the innumerable activities of the Vatican Library is extremely precious and important. If you wish to contribute to the conservation of the treasures which it preserves, you may send a contribution to the Vatican Library, choosing among the following options:

    • manuscript

    • manuscripts (bindings, pigment consolidation in miniatures, interventions to halt corrosion due to ferro-gallic inks, etc.)
    • printed books
    • prints and drawings
    • coins and medals

    • manuscripts
    • printed books, especially incunabula
    • prints and drawings
    • coins and medals

    • photographic laboratory
    • conservation workshop

    • generic donation
    • indication of the donor


You can also support the Library with a donation by bank wire transfer :

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