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Workshop Marega II


Introductory Course to Paleography and Diplomatic of Japanese archival documents

Vatican Library, 9-10 February 2017
Via della Conciliazione, 1 - Rome

In the context of the Marega Project on the digitalization and analysis of more than 10,000 Japanese documents of the Edo Period (1603-1868), preserved in the Vatican Library, there will be two-days conference for teachers, graduate students, degree students and researchers of Italian institutes, and for anyone with specific competencies.

The documents will be used as didactic material to show the content of the Marega collection, the characteristics of the documents and the archival approach to cataloguing. The first day will be dedicated to an introduction to analysis of the documents and paleography techniques. The documents selected for the analysis will be useful to give a look to the life of the Tokugawa's era society.
The second day will be subdivided in different talks concerning the documents' historical contexts, the structure of the Marega collection and the challenges to be faced to render it available to scholars through a proper cataloguing.

The maximum number of participants is set to 20. If the requests will exceed the limit, the participants will be selected through a merit ranking.
A good knowledge of the Japanese language is mandatory (at least the 2° level of Nihongo nōryoku shiken), as the workshop will be held only in Japanese.
Participation requests must be sent to Prof. Marco Del Bene ( together with a short curriculum vitae by 20 January 2017.

Attendance Certificates will be issued upon request.

Workshop Marega II Agenda

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