Vatican Library

Numismatic Department


The Numismatic Cabinet or Medagliere of the Vatican Library preserves coins, medals, plaques, seals, tablets, engraved stones, sulfur and plaster casts, and other similar materials.

In particular:
  • Roman coins of the Republican Period
  • Roman coins of the Imperial Period
  • Coins found in the Roman Catacombs
  • Byzantine coins
  • Pontifical coins (the largest collection in the world)
  • Coins of the cities and dominions of Italy
  • Coins from other countries, including a large number of Oriental (especially Chinese) coins
  • Papal medals (the largest and most complete collection in the world)
  • Italian medals, from the Renaissance to the present day
  • Medals from other countries, from the Renaissance to the present day
  • Pontifical lead bulls
  • Seals
  • Roman lead tesserae
  • Roman engraved stones from the Imperial Period
  • Sulfur and plaster casts of gems, coins and medals
  • Plaques
  • Tablets

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