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Reservation of printed volumes


In addition to the traditional reservation process in loco, which will still be available by filling in the form available in the Reading Rooms (it should be submitted by 12:00 noon for afternoon consultation), it will be also possible to reserve printed volumes by filling the online form, at least 48 hours (two working days) from the date on which the consultation is to take place.

Within 24 hours of the request, the reader will receive either a confirmation of the reservation or a notice of unavailability of the volume.
Once the confirmation is received, it will be possible to proceed to the consultation the reserved volumes.
This service, which is available only to holders of a valid reader's ticket for the Library, is conditional on the state of preservation of the materials. For a list of printed collections not available for consultation, consultation of the information available on the Library's website is recommended.

Please note that volumes which are kept in via della Conciliazione (collections kept in the external stacks) are only collected once a week on Tuesdays, for requests received before noon the previous Monday (for these collections, confirmation of the reservation can only be given once the volume has been located in situ, i.e. Tuesday afternoon). Ordered volumes may be collected, once their availability has been confirmed, in the Reading Room for Printed Books. When the reader has finished with a volume, it should be returned to a staff member in the Reading Room for Printed Books, who will register the return.


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