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  • The School of Library Science, associated with the Vatican Library, was founded by Pius XI in November 1934. It offers an annual course which is reserved for graduate students.

  • A special office deals with the application and the functioning of all the Library’s automated systems.

  • The Conservation Workshop studies and applies the techniques which are most suitable for the safeguard, conservation and restoration of the Library's materials; cares for the premises in which the materials are kept; carries out restoration of the Library's manuscripts, archival materials, prints, printed books and precious bindings, according to the directives of the relevant Commission.

  • The Photographic Laboratory produces reproductions of the Library’s manuscripts, publications, artefacts and other objects, using the most suitable techniques, whether for internal use or for external customers. It carries out requests for reproductions approved by the Directors of the various Departments, and manages and updates its own photographic archive.

  • The Publishing Office manages the production of the Library’s publications, which are planned by the relevant Commission. In particular, it manages the practical execution of the publication projects; follows the publications through the process of typographical composition (sometimes including internal electronic publishing processes); manages the process of proof correction; and updates the catalogue of publications.

  • The Library loans a limited amount of the material in its collections, but only by way of exception and only for projects which have a scientific purpose or for major exhibitions of a cultural or religious nature. The Exhibitions Service carries out the decisions of the Exhibitions Commission and corresponds with the organizations which request loans from the Library.
    Download the rules for the loan for exhibitions

  • The IT Office manages the functioning, the maintenance and the development of the IT equipment which provides support for the administrative and curatorial activities of the Library.

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